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Brazil Inland Waterways



60000 km of inland waterways and only 13000 km are used (for the Amazon6280 km with the highest rate of flow of the world)

Only 13000 km are used, on the Amazon until Iquitos
Countries crossed:

Brazil, (Peru, Ecuador, Columbia for the sources of the Amazon)
Inland navigation authority:

Brazilian ministry of Transport

45.000.000 t/year but the potential of the system could reach about 180 million tons (according ANTAQ)
Facts of importance:

The Brazil Inland waterways have high potential and but are currently underused (60000 km of inland waterways and only 13000 km used). Inland waterway transport is today limited mainly to agricultural and mineral goods.
Transport planning in Brazil is guided by the National Plan for Logistics and Transport (PNLT). The main objective of this plan is to provide the country with more balanced transport matrix by 2025.
Main challenges for the future:

  • -Make the most of the Brazilian waterways big potential
  • -Consolidate the regulatory framework
  • -Improve the integration of other transport modes
  • -Develop maintenance dredging
  • -Construct of hydroelectric plants without locks
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Source : Agência nacional de transportes aquaviàros