Welcome on www.WWINN.org!

The Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) and all the members of the WWINN (World Wide Inland Navigation Network) are pleased to announce the launch of this e-platform dedicated to presenting and promoting inland navigation worldwide.

At the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012, a number of the main stakeholders in inland navigation throughout the world met in Marseille at the CCNR’s initiative. Those present at the meeting agreed on the growing importance of inland navigation in many river basins around the world. In order to highlight the recognised comparative advantages of river transport on a global scale, a Declaration was adopted and the World Wide Inland Navigation Network (WWINN) was created on this occasion.

This website is the network’s first actual achievement; its aim is to present and promote this mode of transport as broadly as possible. It is an e-platform that presents the main waterways used for transport throughout the world, and WWINN projects and future events. Both the network and its website are designed to evolve and adapt to future developments in this mode of transport. Other river basin authorities are therefore urged to accept the invitation to participate in these initiatives. The CCNR is responsible for designing and updating the Internet site and also for the WWINN’s Secretariat, in accordance with the Declaration adopted by the network’s members in Marseille in March 2012.

Enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to let us know your impressions and comments (ccnr@ccr-zkr.org)!!!